Residential Real Estate
Commercial Lease Drafting and Review

There is no standard commercial lease. Each commercial lease is tailored to what each party desires.


The four common types of leases are :

  • Gross

  • Modified Gross

  • Triple Net (NNN), and

  • Absolute Net


Each different type addresses property tax and some enforce rent based on percentages of income. The attorneys at the Portley Law Firm are versed in each type and work hard to ensure that your business interest are protect.


This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company.

We are well versed in document preparation and drafting, including Special Warranty Deeds, General Warranty Deeds, Earnest Money Contracts, Construction Contracts, Leases, Easements, Liens, Development Agreements, Construction Loan Agreements and Utility Service Agreements.


We perform title examinations and condcut in-depth chain of title research. We also forming and structuring entities for the purchase and ownership of Texas real estate.


If you are purchasing or selling real estate in Texas, consult with the Portley Law Firm first.






The oil and gas industry is still going strong. Landowners need someone in there corner to ensure they get the maximum value out of the deal.


We represent you and have experienced former landmen that can draft provisions that will result in increased profits over the life of your lease. Many leases last far longer than landowners realize becuase of delay rentals, pooling, shut-in royalty, and continuous drilling clauses.


The intricacies of these contracts require an attorney so you and your family can reap the benefit of the land that you own.


We defend homeowners and businesses against foreclosure. Texas law is exetremely complicated, but our attorneys understand how to keep your property from being taken.


We negotiate past due amounts and file suit on your behalf to save your property.


We also defend your interest during litigation in Texas District Court.


Contact us today if you are behind on your mortgage.



Oil and Gas Leases in Texas
Texas Foreclosure

We understand Texas Real Estate


Our team of attorneys draft real estate documents, protest property taxes for residents and businesses, and we review oil and gas leases. We have Texas landmen on staff to review oil and gas leases and we contract with specialist who provide expert analysis of any building issues.

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