Breach of Contract Claims

  • Your company has a contract your office manager entered into but the other side hasn't performed any steps towards completion. We can work to get your money refunded or we can have them actuallyu do what they promised.

Commercial Litigation​
  • Your company has a distribution or licensing agreement and the distributor only mailed 100 instead of 1000 items. We can assist you in enforcing your rights under the law.

  • Your company ordered a specific brandYou have a contractThe  defend against Filed Mechanic’s Liens against Gen. Contractor and property owner

  • Defended homebuilders against multiple Mechanic’s Liens filed by subcontractors

  • Assisted homebuilders in recovery of funds from Gen contractor

  • Assisted Sub K in bond claim in connection with multimillion dollar Travis County construction project



  • Certified mediator


Trade Secrets/Non Competes/Non Disclosures


Cease and Desist Actions

  • We have enforced business owners rights when a competing company has wrongfully stolen their clients.

  • We have negotiated cease and desist settlements when a competing company was operating under clients service mark.

  • We have 

Non Compete

  • Defended subcontractor LLC in non compete case in federal court.

  • Enforced non-compete clause against rogue emnployee who went to work for direct competitor.

  • Invalidated non-compete clause in action brought by adjacent franchise owner.

Trade Secret Litigation

  • Defended subcontractor LLC in non compete case in federal court.

  • Sued rival tech company concerning prioprietary data that was being used contrary to the licensing agreement.

  • Filed temporary injunction to keep opposing company from extinguihsing all assets.

Partnership Disputes



  • Pursued claims against business partner for breach of fiduciary duty

  • Propound discovery for major breach of contract dispute for Texas Corporation

  • Filed lawsuits for concerning specific performance of a contract



  • Created LLC with complex operating agreement for custom retail merchant and set up tax permits

  • Drafted license agreements and non-disclosure agreements for major North American pharmaceutical distributor

  • Drafted service agreement for apartment vendors

Business Litigation

The Portley Law Firm, P.C. represents clients in all types of civil litigation in federal, state and bankruptcy courts throughout Texas.

We have saved and one millions of dollars for our clients. If your company has been sued by another competitor or disgruntled former customer. We at the Portley Law Firm are here to help. We offer options to help settle dilemmas quickly and keep you out of court and out of any newspaper headlines.


Often times a major lawsuit has the potential to crimple production at your small business. We are a team of attorneys you can trust to effectively handled your pressing legal issue. We are focused on small business and we are set up to offer billing options that don't make you deplete your operating account to pay legal fees.

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